REDSIM HILLS is the most exclusive project of Bahria Town. Strategically located at the most ideal place with every convenient luxury in its immediate vicinity.

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REDSIM HILLS is the most talked-about project of Bahria Town. It's about a 3-and-a-half-kilometer drive from the Bahria town’s main gate. The hill is situated close to the Bahria Head Office, Theme park, and the eminent Midway commercial district. It is a ground plus 8 level project with limited apartments and the convenience of stores at the bottom of the Height, and it is claimed to be one of the most private, luxurious, and inexpensive flats.

REDSIM HILLS is best known for its strategic position, which has almost every convenient luxury in its immediate vicinity, as well as an easy-to-play installment plan. Besides, it has a limit of 32 apartments and is therefore highly recommended for those who prefer to stay in private apartments. The height is both a fantastic opportunity for living and for investing.

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Redsim Hills Features


Ideally located at 9 kilometers from the main superhighway, REDSIM HILLS is spread over 266 sq. yards of land with a beautiful view.


REDSIM HILLS offers 1 Bed D flats of 500 sq ft and 2 Bed D flats thata re 850 sq ft. Offering a one-of-a-kind design and a spectacular panoramic view.


REDSIM HILLS has a limit of 32 apartments, making it ideal for those who prefer to stay in private residences.

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REDSIM HILLS is a great opportunity for Affordable investment. If it is your chance to invest in luxurious lifestyles, use it now.

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Property investment is the safest sort of investment, and Redsim Hills is anticipated to return four times its initial investment.
Redsim Hills offers a magnificent, private, extravagant, and affordable experience with an easy-to-pay investment plan.
The owners will receive possession of Redsim Hills apartments in 2.5 years, with excellent amenities, security, and maintenance.
If you have any questions about an investment, please contact us. You can read our other articles to expand your investment knowledge and learn about current trends.

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